Executive Experience

Connection with Community

Able to Get Things Done

An important function of a commissioner’s duties is representing our county with outside entities. Whether it is dealing with UDOT, UTA, the legislature or other counties, we need someone who will represent our needs and desires, in a professional manner using facts and persuasion to move our county forward. As the Mayor of North Salt Lake, I worked hard to represent our city and was able to get significant resources where needed. I worked to increase our economic base, keep taxes low, resolve two major landslides, accelerate the improvement of two interstate offramps, save millions of dollars by changing funding sources, obtain a traffic signal to help low-income residents among other accomplishments. I will bring the same dogged determination in fighting for what is best for our County

Davis County is a very large and complicated organization with hundreds of millions in revenues and assets. Having over 1,000 employees, it is the eleventh largest employer in the county. Commissioners oversee 15 departments and 25 funds. A commissioner should understand how large organizations work and be able to evaluate complicated issues. My career in the private sector with large and small companies has given me experience in dealing with very complicated issues. In addition, I have served as Mayor of the city of North Salt Lake for twelve years which has given me insight to the intricacies of how government is different than business. I believe that is critical that a commissioner have experience managing employees as well as analyzing problems and showing leadership.

A commissioner controls not only the executive function, but the legislative as well. As part of a legislative body, it is important that a commissioner understands the needs and issues facing the entire county. I was raised in Sunset where I graduated from Clearfield High School. I lived in Clearfield after marriage and in Layton for 10 years, before moving to North Salt Lake in 1993. Living in this great county for over 60 years of my life has helped me understand the people of the county and I appreciate what makes each of its cities special. I am a good listener will be thoughtful about is the best for the county as a whole.